Training to Raise Money for Huntsman

I’ve now done it. I’ve ridden from Canada to Mexico. The muscle pains are memories. But we still haven’t reached our fundraising target, so here’s my idea: I’ll help you reach your endurance goals if you’ll help me reach my fundraising goals.

My medal rack

Over the years, I have written and researched dozens of training plans for running races, cycling events, hiking, and backpacking. I’ve helped new cyclists, backpackers, and runners prepare to participate in relays like Salt to Saints, Ragnar, and through hikes. I have developed training plans for children, young adults, and seniors. Also I’ve trained myself for 5K runs, half marathons, marathons, ultra marathons, relay races and hill climb races.

I climbed the highest peak in each of Utah’s counties, backpacked through the Uintas, and I serve on a mountain rescue team. In cycling I’ve trained for metric centuries (62 miles), centuries (100 miles), double centuries, relays, and a 25-hour cycling event where I rode my bike until I gained enough elevation to equal the height of Mount Everest. And of course, a three-week ride from Canada to Mexico.

I have spent hours and hours researching how to best train for endurance events. I have studied nutrition, recovery, strength training, high intensity intervals, stretching, core exercises, sleep, rest weeks, mental toughness, and hydration. Through my studies I have learned from some of the most successful endurance athletes and coaches out there. I’ve distilled their teachings and I can share them.

My area of study has been in endurance events: running, cycling, hiking, and backpacking. Here’s what I’m offering:

For your donation of $200 I’ll sit down with you and find out what you want to do for the 2023 season. After we talk, I’ll draw up a plan that’s based on your goals, age, and current activity levels. We’ll have a second meeting where I explain the plan to you and answer any questions you have. For some people, that’s all they need, is a plan to follow. But other people need regular accountability and ongoing problem-solving.

For your donation of $500 or more, not only will we come with a plan just like above, but I’ll also meet with you for 15 minutes each week to see how things are going and provide ongoing suggestions, encouragement, and advice.

These services would normally cost thousands of dollars. I’m not asking you to pay me. I’m asking you to donate to my Huntsman Cancer Institute campaign, so you’re helping find a cure for cancer as you get ready for your own endurance event. It’s a win for everyone.

Examples of what I can help you train for:

  • 5K
  • 10K
  • Half marathon
  • marathon
  • ultramarathon
  • Running relays
  • one-day cycling events of any length
  • Cycling relays
  • Stage events
  • Everesting
  • Hiking
  • Backpacking
  • Through-hiking

Just to be fair, if you have already donated to my campaign and want the coaching advice, contact me and we’ll do it. If you’ve donated, say $50 but want a training plan, donate another $150 and contact me.

Please note: if you are just beginning to be active, or are significantly changing your activity level, you should see a doctor before you do so. I visited with mine last fall before starting my training to ride 89.