Our Riding Schedule for 89

Photo by Ivan Diaz on Unsplash

We’re about two and a half months out. We’ve been getting some people asking for our schedule. Some want to ride with us. Others just want to wave as we go by. For your convenience, our schedule is bleow. The hyperlinks are to the ridewithgps maps. We invite anyone interested to come ride with us.

We recognize that this is an ambitious schedule. The hardest part is going to be getting up day after day to do it again. My wife is driving a support vehicle carrying most of our gear. She’ll stop and give us food and water every so often. In places where it may be hazardous to cycle (Yeah, I’m looking at you, Logan Canyon), the vehicle will follow directly behind us for protection.

As we get closer to the event, you’ll be about to follow on this site and see where we are on our route. That will make it easier to find us for those looking to join us.

Some days we plan to take some breaks. We pass seven national parks during the ride. We plan to see them all, so, for example, on July 21, we’ll have two breaks during the ride to see Bryce Canyon and Zion.

DateRouteMileageFeet of gainFeet of loss
July 11Canadian border to Choteau MT121.85,6986,333
July 12Choteau to Neihart, MT114.95,3383,120
July 13Neihart to Bozeman, MT115.84,8216,050
July 14Bozeman, MT to Old Faithful, WY111.64,8672,312
July 15Old Faithful to Alpine, WY132.44,8016,500
July 16Alpine, WY to St. Charles, ID98.33,5413,236
July 17Rest Day000
July 18St. Charles, ID to Kaysville, UT109.15,8827,042
July 19Kaysville to Fairview, UT119.34,3803,182
July 20Fairview to Marysvale, UT105.92,2572,400
July 21Marysvale to Kanab, UT115.83,9174,798
July 22Kanab, UT to Bitter Springs, AZ97.44,3004,156
July 23Bitter Springs to Flagstaff, AZ109.94,9043,118
July 24Rest Day000
July 25Flagstaff to Kirkland Junction, AZ114.47,34610,127
July 26Kirkland Junction to Tempe, AZ1011,7084,666
July 27Tempe to Oracle Junction, AZ98.23,016853
July 28Oracle Junction, AZ to Mexican border95.42,6872,072

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