New Sponsor: LactiGo

During this ride, we’ll be crossing the Continental Divide. On average, we’ll ride 109 miles each day, and climb 4,191 feet. That’s a lot of stress on the legs. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new sponsor: LactiGo.

Shem rubs Lactigo on sore legs.

LactiGo is a company based on British Columbia. They make a topical treatment for muscle soreness. You rub the gel on your legs just before cycling, and it reduces the pain associated with the buildup of lactic acid in your muscles. This allows you to keep going harder for longer. You apply it again after you’re done, and it works to reduce muscle soreness and reduce your recovery time. That’s something we’re going to need, riding centuries six days each week.

Before approaching the company, I bought a couple of bottles and tried it out. I’m in the base building phase of my training. Last week I did high-intensity intervals, core, and my strength training all in a 3-hour period. Walking out of the gym, I hurt. I put some LactiGo on my quads and hamstrings (which had taken a beating during these workouts) and went about my evening. By the next day, my legs felt just fine and I was ready to ride again. I’ve used other creams with menthol and some have burned so much they wake me up. LactiGo is pleasant without overwhelming.

 Kelly also tried to product out and found she had recovered enough after a hard ride to push it again the next day.

LactiGo is going to be an important part of our recovery toolbox so we can pedal day after day on this cross-country ride.

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