New Sponsor: Beetroot Pro

As we contemplated our ride: 16 days of back-to-back rides with two rest days, we knew that recovery is going to play a crucial role in successfully completing this ride. Our body has to get ready for each day’s effort. Shem has spent a lot of time in the past couple of years researching diets, supplements and practices to enhance recovery.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that Beetroot Pro, a North Ogden-based company is sponsoring us. Their products are designed to do exactly what we need.

Shem used Endurance 360 as he trained for his first LOTOJA. The supplement is designed to provide energy and muscle strength and to reduce cramping and soreness.

Their other major product, beetroot powder, really helps recovery. Beets provide all sorts of nutrients but taking it can be dicey. Shem likes adding them to salads. But on their own, beets can taste like dirt. You have to add something else to improve the taste. While fiber is an important part of the diet, there’s so much of it in a beet that eating enough to get nutrients is a challenge. Last year, Shem brought a beet smoothie to the Kokopelli Relay. His teammates thought he was drinking raspberry jam and it was tough to choke down.

Beets provide nitric oxide, which increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood. This results in improved circulation and recovery. It also reduces inflammation, which is a problem during these long stage-type events.

Beetroot Pro was developed by Utah cyclist, and owner of Beetroot Pro, Cameron Hoffman. He spent 18 months developing his beet-extract powder, trying it out on himself. Cameron is an internationally known professional cyclist and a five-time pro 1,2 winner of LOTOJA . He’s a guy who understands what we’ll be going through on our ride.

We welcome Beetroot Pro’s support and hope you’ll check out their products if you’re looking for a good way to improve your recovery and legally boost your performance.

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