Logo and Map Reveal

We’ve been working with the very talented Miles Abernethy at Miles Abernethy Design to develop a logo and a map.

Ride 89 Logo

Miles is a real professional. He started working in New York City as a designer and art director. He’s incredibly creative. He designed a logo for us. I love it. In this brief graphic he has captured exactly what we’re doing.

Ride 89 Map

I’m not totally certain how we’re going to use this logo, aside from our webpage and social media. Maybe we’ll make some pins or T-shirts if anyone is interested. I’m just tickled to have this logo.

He also drew a map for us. It’s a great way to show the enormity of what we’re doing on this adventure. We’re also going to show fundraising progress on the map, starting at the Canadian border and working our way to Nogales on the Mexican border.

Anyway, we’re very excited about these graphics and hope you’ll take a few minutes and visit Miles’ website, especially if you need graphic design or brand development services.